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NoMA House meets the exacting demands that international leading organisations make in terms of flexibility, mobility, connectivity and identity. NoMA House is highly adaptable: the layout, technology and design can easily be adapted to match new preferences in the building’s use as well as new insights into individual and cooperative styles of working. With its ‘own’ Amsterdam Zuid station and 150 parking spaces, NoMA House is supremely accessible and approachable using every means of transportation and from any direction.


Indoor garden and roof terraces


The spectacular glass entrance with extra high ceilings offers a stunning view of the indoor garden — and a very pleasant and warm welcome. In total, NoMA House provides 13,695 m2 LFA divided over 11 floors. The first and eighth floors feature spectacular roof terraces. Empty spaces — with or without stairs — in various places in the building are designed to encourage more cooperation and contact in the building.


High-quality and energy-efficient


The finish of the building is exceptional due to the use of rich, high-quality materials such as natural stone fa├žades and abundant glass. In the building you will find many features including the following:

– A spectacular entrance hall with space for an espresso/coffee bar and an exquisite view of the indoor garden.
– An abundance of greenery, light and air thanks to the indoor garden at the heart of the building and the beautiful roof terraces on the first and eighth floors.
– A lift system comprising four spacious lifts.
– Impeccable sanitary facilities on every floor.